LNG: Fuel for a Changing World―A Nontechnical Guide

Even when the market is cloudy, LNG’s future remains bright, with long-term annual growth projected to be steady. Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel and offers a potential solution to concerns over global warming and air pollution. In this updated and revised second edition, authors Michael D. Tusiani and Gordon Shearer uses everyday language and real-world examples to help readers understand the complex LNG industry. It provides the reader with insights into changes in the markets, technological advances, and the commercial evolution of what continues to be one of the most capital-intensive and formidable global industries.

Features Include:

Explains the technologies utilized:

-  liquefaction, shipping and regasification, onshore and floating
-  Covers existing and proposed worldwide LNG projects
-  Examines the economics and commercial structure of the LNG industry, including synopses gas supply agreements, -  LNG sales contracts, and financing
-  Discusses shipping conventions and regulations

This book is an important resource for energy industry leaders, investment bankers, energy professionals, or anyone looking to expand their knowledge of the LNG industry.