The no-nonsense LNG Transport Trailer has one simple job that it does very well; Transporting liquid over the road. These cryogenic semi-trailers feature:

• Horizontal vacuum-insulated tank composed of an inner pressure vessel and a structural frame outer jacket.

• Very large capacity pressure-building coils and coil piping allow off-loading by pressure transfer at rates up to 300 GPM.

• Construction of durable, lightweight, thin-gauge carbon and stainless steel.

These trailers are designed to effortlessly transport LNG on international highways, ultimately providing liquid to fueling stations, large tanks, stationary equipment and more, for smooth and uninterrupted operation.

Product Range:

• Semi trailers with one to four axles.

• Trailers with two to five axles.

• Fixed body.

• Swap bodies.

• Tilting units.

• Container units and swap bodies based on 10', 20', 30', 40' or 45' ISO containers.

Tailored solutions according to the specific requirements of our customers is Reachfeld's specialty.

We offer unique gas supply and equipment options; and are not constrained by gas port, grid and pipeline limitations.

Our implementation is in line with international practices and standards.

The flexibility in the Reachfield Enterprise logistical chain, the advantages of Natural Gas, such as its environmental benefits and the large resource base, makes LNG a natural choice to meet Southern Africa’s energy needs and environmental targets. This supports manufacturing in Southern Africa to become compatible with international demands of lower carbon targets and competitive in manufacturing cost.