Our ISO Intermodal Containers provide an easy method to transport LNG worldwide by ship, rail or road.

They are designed with highly-engineered thermal insulation and a rugged, durable construction that ensures your low-pressure, low-temperature liquid has a safe journey when traveling long distances for extended periods of time.

These reliable, low-maintenance containers come in a variety of working pressures, have a maximum gross weight of 34 tons and are currently offered in either 20 or 40-foot lengths.

The versatility of their design maximizes payload while providing a lower tare weight. Not only are the ISO Intermodal Containers considered one of the best values available on the market for LNG transport, but they also comply with important codes and standards including UN T75, ASME/DOT, EN, RID, IMDG, ADR, IMO and TPED.


ISO Tank Containers are internationally approved and certified to ISO standards, ensuring that they meet global safety standards. They are inspected before and after each use and are tested by international safety verification companies every 2.5 years.

ISO Tank Containers have carrying capacity of over 24,000 litres, which is a significant improvement over traditional bulk liquid transport of drums in standard containers which has a carrying capacity of only 15,000 litres.

Cost Effective:
Due to their intermodal design, ISO Tank Containers can be easily transferred across rail, road and shipping and as such the cost of both shipping and handling is significantly reduced.

ISO Tank Containers are built to last and have an estimated useful life of 15-20 years. This means that they can be reused numerous times and reduces costly environmental packaging waste such as drums and plastic containers which are no re-usable.