Reachfield Enterprise (Pty) Ltd mission is to provide tailor made solutions for its unique set of clients. We believe that every client is unique and special and therefore our solutions are best tailored to suit their every need. We have expertise in the following areas; 

Feasibility Studies

Strategy Planning & Development

- Facilitating brainstorm sessions or think tanks; 

- Development of a strategic plan; and

- Developing a plan of execution that results from a strategic plan

Drafting Energy Reports 

-      Conducting research on gas emissions

-      Monitoring and evaluating air quality

Climate change and sustainable development 

- Coordinate and manage the measurement, reporting and verification processes of the climate change mitigation and sustainable development impacts of the sector

- Air quality control

- CNG and biogas on public transport

- Construction of Biogas digesters

Reachfield Enterprise (Pty) Ltd is comprised of two divisions; Energy Management and Renewable Energy Development.

The Energy Management division was formed to help clients manage their Energy and Sustainability needs wisely, thereby increasing their economic viability while at the same time reducing their contribution to climate change.

As a trusted and independent partner, Reachfield Enterprise (Pty) Ltd sits on its clients’ side of the table and helps them search the entire Energy and Sustainability marketplace for the best solutions available for their particular circumstances.

This ensures our clients obtain the best results possible in terms of Energy and Sustainability cost savings, increased occupant well-being, risk management and enhanced brand reputation.

Reachfield Enterprise (Pty) Ltd Renewable Energy Divisions primary function and focus is on the development, design or planning and construction of public or private electrical communications infrastructures. We specialize in renewable solutions in energy, lighting and gas power generation. 

Our Team of professionals develop unique partnerships that provide us with industry leading technologies, equipment and products that eliminate challenging circumstances for all customers.