The Prins Direct LiquiMax system is used parallel to the standard fuel system for bi-fuel or mono-fuel operation.

The Direct LiquiMax system is a master-slave system.

The Direct LiquiMax system is designed for engines with a direct fuel injection system.

Direct Injection means that the fuel is injected under high pressure [20-200 bar] directly into the cylinder instead of injecting the fuel into the manifold (port injection).

The Direct LiquiMax system uses a modified high pressure fuel pump and fuel injectors of the petrol system to inject the liquid LPG under high pressure into the cylinder.

The Direct LiquiMax alternative fuel system is equivalent to the original petrol injection technology and makes maximum use of the electronics and components already present.

With the Direct LiquiMax system the driver will experience no difference between driving on LPG or petrol.

Extensive research by Prins in cooperation with the Dutch university has shown that LPG fuel is a very suitable fuel in combination with a direct fuel injected engine. The motor efficiency by the use of LPG has increased significantly. This results in a CO2 reduction of an extra 10%. The increased engine efficiency is a result of the chemical and physical properties of LPG.

The complete list of available alternative fuel systems and solutions are here for you to download. Please contact us for the latest status.